Bank on It Slot Machine Game Review

Bank on It Slot Machine Game Review

Looking for a good ‘ol classic game of slots but with a touch of the modern and new features? If yes, quickly try this amazing game and feel the classic ambience together with the cool wilds and bonus features of the new generation slot machines!

Game Rules and slot game review of Bank on It Slot

This slot machine game can give up to as much as 1,000 coins. The game also has one row therefore having only one default active pay line. On that pay line itself, the combinations can be formed to give you prizes as well as bonuses (with free spins).

Bank on It Slot Machine Game Review
Bank on It Slot Machine Game Review

Design and Gameplay

The game is based on a piggy-bank theme presented in an amazingly created graphics. The game even has a stick knob that moves every time you spin the reels, just like in the real classic slot machine game. The slot machine you will see on your screen is actually a real slot machine with classic buttons for the bet amounts and even has chips on the lower right. The design is actually quite impressive and could really bring you back to that classic slot machine you can play during the 70’s.

The betting range for this slit machine game can still be considered flexible given that it only has one pay line and 3 reels. The betting amounts are $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5 wherein you can bet 1 to 3 coins in a single spin, giving you a maximum of $15 bet in that single spin. Once the bets are in, you may now start playing and spin the reels by hitting the SPIN button.

Since that game is based on a piggy-bank theme, the line-up of the symbols you will find in the game are the Piggy Bank, the Red 7’s, the Blue 7’s, the 3-Bar symbol, the Cherry symbol, and the Wild symbol.

Wild and Bonus

The classic setup of the game does not hinder it from making another exciting and enjoyable feature. The game has a Wild symbol which can take the place of any symbol in the game to complete your winning combination. This Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the 3 reels to help you win more cash.

Bank On it slot machine game also features a bonus game called Piggy Bank bonus feature. This works by hitting 3 blank spins that will add up your Piggy Bank. You’ll be given an initial 150 coins in the bank and it’s up to you on how to flourish the amount. If you think that the bank now has enough funds, you can win that by hitting 3 Piggy Bank symbols on the reels, and this must be done with maximum bets. Once you change coin bet amounts, the Piggy Bank will be reset.

The Payouts

The winning combinations are displayed clearly at the upper portion of the slot machine that you can always use for reference. From there, you’ll see the possible outcomes with their corresponding wins. These different payout schedules give players a chance to study the combination easier and faster.


The game is a classic and will suit the hardcore gamers who are looking for a good ‘ol nice slot machine. The wild symbols and bonuses added to the beauty of the game as well as the excitement. The old slot machines have a tendency to be boring in the long run but not this one because of its amazing free spins. Another feature that really catches everyone’s attention, aside from the impressive presentation of graphics and design, is the Piggy Bank bonus feature where coins add up continuously to the jackpot money. The game properly utilized the theme by making its bonus feature related to an actual saving on your piggy bank and using it when the bank has plenty of coins.

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