The Best Way to Beat the Casino When Playing Blackjack

The Best Way to Beat the Casino When Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the popular table card games at the casino. Some called it twenty-one and some of course Blackjack. It doesn’t really matter how people or you call it.  In hand held games, the cards are dealt face down and the player is allowed to pick up his cards. Therefore having the best way to beat the casino when playing blackjack gains you and edge over casino.

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer so practice first at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site. If the cards on your hand is higher than the dealer’s card without going over 21 you win. Probably you’re trying to get closed to 21. If your hand or the dealer’s hand goes over 21 then you’re busted.

When it’s bust, you automatically lose. The player must act first on the game. If the player busts, he loses the game regardless of, if the dealer busts or not. The suits of card have no effect on the game. Cards of 2-10 are counted at a face value regardless of their suits. All face cards such as King, Queen, Jack are all valued of ten.

The Best Way to Beat the Casino When Playing Blackjack


Knowing the basics means a lot, doing proper strategy could at least make you beat the dealer of the casino. There are superstitious regarding the game of blackjack, which you should disregard since it won’t really help a lot. Such beliefs could lead you to believe that you can control and uncontrollable. Beating a casino takes a real mathematical edge.

Applying properly perfect strategy will help. Know the right way to play and this will help you beats the odds on playing. Understand what cards usually benefits you, the player and what card which would benefit the house.

Smaller value cards (those two to six and aces with stiff houses), usually benefits the house. The dealer is more likely to pat more hands outs out of stiffs, and natural blackjacks will likely less frequent or the player. (we that be mind that that is the you, the player or players advantage).

The Best Way to Beat the Casino When Playing Blackjack
The Best Way to Beat the Casino When Playing Blackjack

If you have a stiff hand and that counts says (whatever value is) card counting may swing the game from “surrender” or “stand” to “hit” A value of 17 is better than 12 to 16 because you will push vs 17. Large value cards in the deck will have good effect on player.

The dealer is more likely to have bust his stiffs (and for that dealer doesn’t have a choice when to hit) and this will be more likely favorable to player.

Card Counting Strategy in Playing Blackjack

Other aspects on beating the game is applying the so-called “Card Counting.” As mentioned earlier beating blackjack needs a mathematical edge of it. Learning how to card counting can really help you on beating game. Learn the Hi-Lo method of counting cards. It may sound hard but with practice you’ll get used to it.

Once master you can able to beat the game of Live casino gambling games and best free bets website. It’s just putting each card value 2 through is assigned to a point value of +1 and every card 10 through ace is assigned the value of -1, and 7 to 9 are 0. When the value of your card count is +, your winning increase due to the fact you will get blackjacks and should double more (doubling is to acquire high value card).

Since aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand.  The task will be easier when the count is high because it would mean that dealer has high chance of busting due to the dealer must either hit or go pat or bust. Hit more with a “-” value card count (stiffs and 8,9,10,11) due to this doubling is more likely to get a small card and standing can make your to be a pat hand to stay stiff.

There are some systems gives different points to aces and 5’s. Aces receives the value of -2 and 5 on the other hand receives +2. While the main reason for the change is quite obvious for Aces (soft hands, less bust to occur) the reason 5 requires for 5 an observation. 5’s are often known as “Dealer’s best friend” due to the fact they could still make all stiff 12 to 16 and stand at 17-21.

Be Aware of Blackjack Shoe with 4 to 6 Decks

Also, be aware of a blackjack shoe when player with 4 to 6 decks of cards. When the card count is high early into the shoe, it would mean not as meaningful car count towards the end of the shoe. The great way is to raise bet when the count is high and amount left is the deck is low.

Applying the principal of card counting can really help you beating the game. It may easy at first, but when the game speeds up it can be very a difficult. Practice a lot so you could grasp and understand it well. Knowing how to manage you bankroll will prolong your stay on the game.

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