Bonkers Slot Machine Game Review

Bonkers Slot Machine Game Review

This is another great classic slot machine game from RTG (Real Time Gaming) that will shoot you back to the past! Bonkers is yet another simple but effective slot machine game in pulling you back to the great old times.

Bonkers Slot Machine Game Review
Bonkers Slot Machine Game Review

Design and Gameplay Bonkers Slot Game Review

The presentation of the game is quite impressive with its classic slot machine looks with a lever beside the machine. The machine itself has good graphics, as if you are looking at the actual old slot machine. At the top portion of the machine are the payout rewards chart surrounded by a neon light. The bet, spin, and other buttons are also in retro style which complements the classic theme.

The betting options (coin sizes) for the game are as follows – $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. The game only has one pay line so you can bet as little as $0.5 and as much as $15 with the option to select from 1, 2, or 3 coins in a single spin. But before anything else, you need to purchase first your chips with denominations of $5, $25, or $100 (just like in the real casino!). Once you have the chips, you may now place in your desired bets then you can now start spinning. To start spinning the reels, just click the SPIN REEL button.

The game has 3 reels and 1 pay line where you can make winning combinations to earn prizes. The symbols you can find in here are the 7’s, the One-Bar, the Two-Bar, the Three-Bar, and the Bonkers symbol. Of these symbols, the 7’s provide the highest payout. Hitting 3 Red 7 symbols on the pay line will win you the top payout of 1,200 coins given that you bet with the maximum of 3 coins (at $5 each coin).

This classic slot machine also has a special feature wherein you can get re-spins (or free spins, again). Hitting 2 Bonkers symbols will provide you with 3 Re-spins and hitting 3 Bonkers will give you 10 Re-spins! These free spins can always be retriggered but not during the Re-spin mode.

The winning combinations are displayed just above the screen for your easy reference.


The game has many basic features you can find in typical classic slot machine games like the single pay line and 3 reel setup. But what sets it apart to many typical slot machine games are its Wild symbol feature and Re-spin (or free spin) feature that you would never commonly find in those typical classic basic slot machine games. Plus, the experience that it delivers due to the fact that you still have to purchase chips before you can start the game creates a whole lot of excitement – simply saying that it didn’t lack the concept of being in a real “casino”.

Also, the graphics are impressive enough to catch any player’s attention. It did a good job in bringing the classic looks with the shiny metal casing and steel lever. At the top portion where you can see the payout table, adds up to the retro looks because of its neon like presentation (just like in a jukebox).

For the betting options, some players may find it very limited and would suit the low-stakes only but the game is designed that way – to be simple and effective to its targeted player types. We think that it actually did a fair job in giving denominations as such to players from the low-stakes to the mid-level bets.

Overall, the game is enjoyable. The game may be simple and classic but it still added special features that added twists to the gameplay. This game is a good recommend to casual players and beginners.

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