Coat of Arms Slot Machine Game Review

Coat of Arms Slot Machine Game Review

Prepare for another time travelling adventure with this another exciting slot machine game from RTG (Real Time Gaming). Coat of Arms sets you to go back to the medieval times and fight your way to the kingdom’s treasure by hitting the right winning combinations.

Design and Gameplay of Coat of Arms Slot Game

The game’s presentation is very magnificent, starting from the background of a castle bridge to the carpet-like material of the main window, up to the elegant symbols and fonts. The graphics are nice and the overall presentation is impressive. The symbols are of good details and the fonts are in bright colors.

The betting range starts from $0.01 up to its maximum of $5 per pay line. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 pay lines which can give you a maximum bet of $125 in a single spin. This betting range suits many types of players, from the low-end bets up to the big time high-rollers, easily because of its wide variants of denominations.

Coat of Arms Slot Machine Game Review
Coat of Arms Slot Machine Game Review

For you to start playing the game, you need to place your desired bet amounts in. Once the bets are in place, you may now start spinning the reels by clicking the SPIN button and wait for your winning combinations to appear on your activated pay line. If you feel that you are better off manually stopping the spinning reels yourself, you may do so by simply clicking the STOP button.

The symbols you can find during the game are the Black Knight, the White Knight, the Castle, the Sword and Shield, the Grail, and the Coins. The other symbols include the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Special Symbols and Features

Some of the symbols in this game have special roles aside from what the regular symbols do. These special symbols can help you create winning combinations easier or give you bonus games to boost your earnings further. Some of them also provide the high fixed payout amounts.

The first symbol is the Black Knight which serves as the Wild symbol that can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Wild symbol in this game substitutes to any symbol, except for the Scatter symbol, in order to complete a winning combination in an active pay line. This Wild symbol is very useful in creating winning combination and hitting high paying rewards. The symbol in the game that gives the highest payout is the Caste. Hitting 5 Castes in an active pay line will give you a 5,000 coin prize but with the help of the Black Knight symbol or the Wild symbol, you can hit an enormous 10,000 coin prize because of the doubling effect of the Wild symbol. Other high paying symbol where the Black Knight can be combined to get a generous payout is the Sword and Shield symbol which can give you 1,000 coins on its own or 2,000 if partnered with a Black Knight.

The next symbol with a special ability is the White Knight symbol which is also the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol provides win multipliers as well as free spins. Hitting two or more Scatter symbols can win you up to 200x worth of multipliers. On top of that, the Re-spin (or free spins) feature will be triggered. During this Re-spin feature, reels containing a White Knight will be held in place and the other reel will spin again 10 times to have another chance of catching a winning combination.

The last special symbol is the Golden Shield symbol which can only appear on reels 1, 2, and 3. Hitting 3 of this symbol will grant you 15 free spins with the first five spins having a 2x multiplier, the second five spins having a 3x multiplier, and the last five having 4x multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot

The game has two Progressive Jackpots that are constantly growing because of the funds being added up coming from every player’s bets. The two jackpots mainly are the minor and major. The minor is relatively smaller than the major. These jackpots also have the characteristic of being won in random.

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