Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game Review

Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game Review

This slot machine is a classic game based on the legendary Chinese dragon. So, for those who are fond the Chinese New Year and Chinese legends, you can relate quite well this classic game.

Design and Gameplay of Crazy Dragon Slot Game

The game’s presentation is impressive in delivering the retro looks of an old type slot machine. The slot machine on the game has a classic shiny metal frame and square-shaped buttons for betting and spinning purposes. The game even has a metal level, although not animated, that adds up to the classic beauty of the presentation package.

Before you can start playing the game, you must buy your chips first, just like in the real casino, in the denominations of $5, $25, or $100. These amounts will be used to place your bets before you spin. You will have the option to choose from 1, 2, or 3 coins to bet in a single spin and each coin has a fixed amount of $1.

Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game Review
Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game Review

Just below the main screen, you will see three buttons labeled as “CASH OUT”, “BET ONE”, “SPIN REEL”, and “PLAY 3 CREDITS”. The BET ONE button is the button designated to allow you to bet in values of 1 coin (if you want to bet just one coin, press this button once. If you wish for 2 coins, press this twice). The PLAY 3 CREDITS on the other hand gives you a single click option for betting 3 coins instantly. And for the CASH OUT button, this will send you back all your unused credits if you suddenly wished to stop playing Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game. Once the bets are all in, you may now click the SPIN REEL button to start spinning the reels and wait for your winning combination to appear.

The symbols in the game are all Chinese dragon-themed and they include the Firecracker, the Yin-Yang, the Bonsai Tree, and the Pagoda. The other symbol is the dragon which is divided into three parts (three reels) and when hit, will give you big prizes! Each of these symbols corresponds to specific payout amounts with the Dragon giving you your best chance of getting more wins. The Dragon is divided among the three reels and can only be formed back when the first reel takes the head, the second reel takes the torso, and the last reel gets the tail. Hitting all of these parts at once can give you 20 free spins! But don’t worry, if you only get the head on the first reel, you will still get 2 free spins. If you get both the head and the torso, you will receive 5 free spins. The free spins can only be activated when you bet maximum in a spin.

Progressive Jackpot

The Crazy Dragon slot machine game has a Progressive Jackpot installed. Unlike any other video slot machine games, the Progressive Jackpot included in this game is not won in random so you don’t have to compete with tons of players also waiting to be chosen randomly for the jackpot. What this game did for the Progressive Jackpot is that it can be won by hitting a certain number of wins. When you hit 100 free spins in a single bet, you get to win the Progressive Jackpot prize. In this case, you have to win 20 free spins five times. This may seem very unfeasible but it actually adds up to the excitement because the jackpot is progressive, meaning, it grows every now and then. And with the fact that it’s a bit harder to achieve, many players also experience the same struggle, prolonging the chance of winning, making the prize much bigger! So if you can be the lucky one to hit the jackpot, you will certainly deserve it and just imagine how much the prize is.

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