Diamond Mine Slot Machine Review

Diamond Mine Slot Machine Review

Here is another old school work of art coming from RTG (Real Time Gaming). A lot of new generation slot machines are rising up to the shore but classic slot machines like still pack a punch when it comes to efficiency in delivering quality gameplay and enjoyable experience.

Diamond Mine Slot Machine Review
Diamond Mine Slot Machine Review

Design, Gameplay and Diamond Mine Slot game Review

The game is a classic slot machine made of an old school metal casing matched with a steel lever. The main reel board has the buttons CASH OUT, BET ONE, SPIN REEL, and PLAY 3 CREDITS at the bottom which is also in a classic rectangular shape. Just above the metal casing is the game title with the payout schedules for the winning combinations.

The symbols in the game are the symbols you can commonly find in classic video slot machine games. These symbols include

The graphics are very impressive with good details and high level of colors. Whoever will try this game will definitely provide a good feedback on the presentation and quality of graphics it has.

For you to start playing the game, you need to purchase first chips values of $5, $25, and $100. These chips will be used to place bets before you spin the reels. The game’s betting value costs $0.05 and the bet amount per spin starts from 1 coin to 3 coins. Once the bets are in, you may now start spinning by hitting the SPIN REEL button. Since the game has 3 reels, 1 row, and 1 pay line, you can bet as much as $1.5 in a single spin.

The chips’ conversions to coins are as follows: for $5, you will get 100 coins. $25 will give you 500 coins. And $100 will provide you with 2,000 coins.

Just below the main reel table, you’ll find the betting buttons BET ONE and PLAY 3 CREDITS. The BET ONE button is used if you wish to bet just a single coin. If you want to add more bets, just press the BET ONE button again. If you wish to place an instant 3 coin bet, you can do it by clicking the PLACE 3 CREDITS button. If ever you want to quit the game and take all your unused money or chips, just click the CASH OUT button.

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot in store and is constantly being added up with funds coming from every player’s bets. For you to win this big chunk of money, you need to hit 3 dollar sign with a 3 coin bet. Just above the reels and below the payout table, you will see the jackpot amount. This is a good motivation to play since you can see how much is the amount money you can win if you hit jackpot!.


The game is very simple but very classic in style. The presentation is very impressive that can please anyone’s eyes because of the detailed graphics and effective depiction of a real classic video slot machine. You will also never get lost on your bet amounts since the payout table is just above the main reel window.

In between the reel table and payout table is the Jackpot amount monitor. This monitor screen added up to the excitement and interest of the game because from here, you’ll be able to see how much has been added up to the jackpot creating more anticipation on when will the jackpot money will be hit.

The game may be simple and plain but it still delivers a good gameplay. If you are looking for a good old school game for a pastime, then this is definitely a good recommendation.

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