Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine Game Review

Ever been to Super Bowl for that great experience and enjoyment? If no, better try this football themed slot game that can deliver very good entertainment and adrenaline rush. The only catch, which actually added fun to the game, is that the characters and players are fruits!. Design and Gameplay Fruit Bowl XXV slot game The game has a fruit theme set on a football environment. The symbols are fruit characters

Dirty Martini Slot Machine Game Review

This is another great slot game from RTG (Real Time Gaming) where you can enjoy both sipping a nice martini and playing big time slots. Here, you never stray far from your chair just to mingle with other people, just like in a bar, because you’ll definitely be caught up drinking your martini in a fantastic slot machine that would consume most of your time because of the excitement it

Diamond Mine Slot Machine Review

Here is another old school work of art coming from RTG (Real Time Gaming). A lot of new generation slot machines are rising up to the shore but classic slot machines like still pack a punch when it comes to efficiency in delivering quality gameplay and enjoyable experience. Design, Gameplay and Diamond Mine Slot game Review The game is a classic slot machine made of an old school metal casing

Crazy Vegas Slot Machine Game Review

We’re here to play slot machine casino…in Vegas! Well, just kidding…at least closer to the Vegas experience. This fun video slot machine developed by RTG (Real Time Gaming) will bring (or at least closer) you the Las Vegas environment with all the excitement and fun everyone is craving for. The game has Wild and Scatter symbols plus some bonus feature games that would definitely kill your everyday boredom. Design and

Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Game Review

This slot machine is a classic game based on the legendary Chinese dragon. So, for those who are fond the Chinese New Year and Chinese legends, you can relate quite well this classic game. Design and Gameplay of Crazy Dragon Slot Game The game’s presentation is impressive in delivering the retro looks of an old type slot machine. The slot machine on the game has a classic shiny metal frame

Count Spectacular Slot Machine Game Review

Have you seen or encountered a game where the main character (or the game itself) sucked…but in a good way…and literally? Well, if not, the game we are talking about is this slot machine because the main character here is a vampire and all he’s good at is sucking blood from his victim. But in your case, you’ll suck all the prizes you can suck in this epic slot machine

Coat of Arms Slot Machine Game Review

Prepare for another time travelling adventure with this another exciting slot machine game from RTG (Real Time Gaming). Coat of Arms sets you to go back to the medieval times and fight your way to the kingdom’s treasure by hitting the right winning combinations. Design and Gameplay of Coat of Arms Slot Game The game’s presentation is very magnificent, starting from the background of a castle bridge to the carpet-like material

Bunko Bonanza Slot Machine Game Review

At first, we thought that this slot machine game’s theme is something from the teen girls party because of the color motif and symbols used such as chips, cupcakes, and other girly things. But that was just our first notion until we played the game. This slot machine game is actually based on a dice game set up in a cozy and parlor environment complete with desserts and juice. You

Bonkers Slot Machine Game Review

This is another great classic slot machine game from RTG (Real Time Gaming) that will shoot you back to the past! Bonkers is yet another simple but effective slot machine game in pulling you back to the great old times. Design and Gameplay Bonkers Slot Game Review The presentation of the game is quite impressive with its classic slot machine looks with a lever beside the machine. The machine itself has

Basketball Slot Machine Game Review

The NBA (National Basketball Association) really does not have the best basketball players in the world. Basketbull Slot Machine does! Ever wondered if beasts played a man’s physical ball game? The results would definitely be one-sided, if favor of the more physique animals with an almost never-tiring stamina. This game is based on an animal (or beast) themed basketball event where the beasts are the main characters. Here, you’ll be