It’s a Mystery Slot Machine Game Review

It’s a Mystery Slot Machine Game Review

It’s a Mystery has a mystery solving theme that will put your imagination back to being a Sherlock Holmes (or even Scooby Doo)!Here are some  Slot Machine Game Review. The game has characters trying to both solve and evade the case (for the criminal) with items lying everywhere waiting to become clues.

It’s a Mystery Slot Machine Game Review
It’s a Mystery Slot Machine Game Review

Design and Gameplay with some Slot Machine Game Review

The game’s motif is based on a Sherlock Holmes-style scenario where crime scenes, suspects, and mysterious mansions are involved in the case. The game has a background of a bedroom-like area with dimmed spotlights. The sub-windows and the main reel screen are in a classic design, just like an old bookshelf in a library looks. The symbols are also in classic style where the persons’ and objects’ images are inside an old school frame. The overall presentation is effective in delivering a classic and eerie style of mood.

For you to start playing the game, you need to put in your bets first. The betting amount options you have start from $0.01 up to $5 per active pay line. This betting range is quite flexible and would fit many types of players perfectly, from the low-betting casual players up to the big time high-rollers. Once the bets for your selected pay lines are all in, you may now spin the reels by clicking the SPIN button. If you think you can have better chances of hitting a winning combination if you manually stop the spinning reels yourself, you may do so by just clicking the STOP button.

The symbols you will find in the game are all related to the mystery/crime-solving nature of the game. The symbols include the Question Mark, the Logo, the Gentleman, the Lady, the Butler, the Detective, and the Mansion. The other symbols that you will find in the scene are the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Top Payouts

Here are the symbols with the highest payouts in the game so better be keen on this whenever they appear on the reels. The highest paying symbol is the Question Mark symbol. Hitting 5 of this symbol in an active pay line will give you the top 7,500 fixed jackpot. The next symbols to wait for are the Gentleman, the Lady, and the Butler which gives 2,500, 1,250, and 1,000 coin rewards, respectively.

Special Symbols and Special Features

The game has a Wild symbol that is represented by the Question Mark symbol. What this Wild symbol does is to substitute to any symbol, except for the Scatter symbol, in order to complete a winning combination in an active pay line.

The Scatter symbol is represented by the Logo symbol. The Scatter symbol can bring you a lot of fortune when utilized correctly on the reels. Hitting at least 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will reward you up to 200x of multiplier for your payouts. Aside from the multipliers the Scatter symbol offers, it can also trigger the Portrait Puzzle game. This bonus game can be triggered by hitting 3 or more Scatter symbols in a regular game. In this bonus game, a 3×3 grid puzzle will be shuffled a number of times depending on the number Scatter symbols you were able to show up to trigger the bonus game. Any piece that will be placed in the correct position will be held in place until you exhaust all the reshuffling attempts remaining. You can be rewarded up to 50 free spins depending on the number of pieces you were able to place correctly in the grid.

Progressive Jackpots

The game has progressive jackpots in store. There is the minor and there is the major jackpot which both has generous amounts to offer. These jackpots are continuously being funded coming from all the bets the players’ are making. What’s more fascinating about this is that these jackpots can be won in random during the game.

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