Jackpot Piñatas Slot Machine Game Review

Jackpot Piñatas Slot Machine Game Review

If you are into modern video slot machine games, you’ve probably ventured into Mystery, Jungle Adventure, and Asian themes which are mostly common nowadays. This time, you will be carried to the hot and colorful Mexico to complete your around-the-world journey via video slot machines.

Design and Gameplay

You will be delivered to the Mexico to experience the Latin fiesta and drink all the beverages you want and enjoy the beautiful and colorful parade. The background is the desert sun horizon with different colored light bulbs hanging from the wires attached to a post on the foreground. The sub-windows and the main reel screen is in a sandstone motif bordered with little banderitas.

Jackpot Piñatas Slot Machine Game Review
Jackpot Piñatas Slot Machine Game Review

Slot Machine Game Review With Best Information

To get started, you need to place in your bets. A fixed amount of $0.25 bet per pay line is set to be placed in all of the 20 available pay lines. This will, in turn, give you a required $5 bet on every spin that you will do. Once the bets are all in, you may now start spinning the reels by clicking the SPIN button. If you think you can get better result if you will manually stop the spinning reels, you may do so by just clicking the STOP button.

Jackpot Pinatas is actually based on a Mexican feast that showcases local toys in animal figures. The symbols in the game depict these items and other Latin trademarks. The symbols include the Dog Pinata, the Bull Pinata, the Donkey Pinata, the Senorita, the Taco, the Lime, the Sombrero, the Maracas, the Firecrackers, the Rose, the Ring, and the Gift. Some of these symbols have special functions that can further boost your winnings.

The first special symbol is the Donkey Pinata which acts as the Wild symbol. This Wild symbol substitutes to any symbol in the game in order to complete a winning combination in an active pay line. Not only it can take the place of any symbol, it can also give out the highest payout amount. Hitting 5 of these in an active pay line all at once will reward you with the mammoth 20,000 coin top fixed jackpot. What’s more, the 20,000 coin prize can be doubled to 40,000 during the free spin mode!

The next special symbol is the Dog Pinata which acts as the Scatter symbol. Hitting 3 or more of this symbol anywhere on the screen will trigger the Pinata bonus game. In the bonus game, you’ll be presented with 3 pinatas hanging and you need to choose 2 by hitting it. Prizes in this bonus game vary from another bonus round up to a 200x multiplier. After the bonus game, you will be receiving 5, 10, 15, or 25 free spins on a 2x multiplier.

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot that can be won by hitting 5 Bull Pinata symbols in an active pay line. This jackpot keeps on growing every time a player bets and spins. The next best thing about this jackpot is the fixed payout of 20,000 coins that can be achieved by hitting 5 Donkey Pinata symbols in an active pay line. What’s more exciting is that it can be doubled to 40,000 if executed in the free games.


The Jackpot Pinatas slot machine game is a fun and exciting game representing the fun culture of the Mexicans. The rewards in this game are very generous because of the progressive jackpot and the large fixed payout (which can be doubled in the free spin mode). The main thing that made this game generous is the fact that it only requires you to bet $0.02 per pay line but the rewards are much bigger.

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