Real Garcilaso vs. San Simon vs. Sport Huancayo

Real Garcilaso vs. San Simon vs. Sport Huancayo

Real Garcilaso

Another club-based in Cusco, Peru is the Asociacion Civil Real Atletico Garcilaso which is also known as Real Garcilaso. This club is one of the new ones perhaps. It was founded only in 2009 by the students in Inca Garcilaso de la Vega School in Peru.d

Even if it is just a newly founded club, Real Garcilaso has already verified itself as one the best teams in when it comes to the context of football. Here are the statistical results for this year 2014 regarding the competitions in which Real Garcilaso participated in. On May 12, it defeated San Simon with the score 1-0; on June 19, the team allowed Juan Aurich to win with the score 0-1; on June 8, Real Garcilaso took the winning position against Leon de Huanuco with the scores 3-1; on June 16, the team once again gave temporarily the achievement to Alianza Lima with the scores  0-2; on June  23, Real Garcilaso didn’t able to make it against Sport Huancayo with the scores of only 1-2; and on June 29, had a zero score against two scores of Cienciano.

Real Garcilaso vs. San Simon vs. Sport Huancayo
Real Garcilaso vs. San Simon vs. Sport Huancayo

Real Garcilaso vs. San Simon vs. Sport Huancayo

However, the end does not justify the mean so to speak. It is because Real Garcilaso is really determined and full of spirit to totally regain the crowd thru its upcoming matches with Sporting Cristal, Los Caimanes, Union Comercio, UTC Cajamarca, FBC Melgar and Universitario.

San Simon

San Simon is the biggest football club in Moquegua,Peru. This football club is really a big rival too to its different opponents.

To prove too you how San Simon takes it way to winning, here are the statistics regarding its 2014 performance. On May 19, the team of San Simon had won two matches against one match of Sporting Cristal; on May 8, the team had only one match against two matches of Juan Aurich; on June 14, the team unfortunately got a zero match against one match of Union Comercio; on June 23, San Simon has finally regain the power by winning two matches against one match of and Cesar Vallejo; while on June 28, Leon de Huanuco was able to grab the winning title from by winning four matches against San Simon.

However, the road of triumph for San Simon does not and will not end there, definitely. Be ready to witness as San Simon will regain its supremacy and rule over its rivals on the next matches in July. Its rivals will be Alianza Lima, Sport Huancayo, Cienciano, Sporting Cristal, Los Caimanes, and Inti Gas Deportes. So experience the escapade as San Simon will have its way to the top.

Sport Huancayo

Another Peruvian club for football is Sport Huancayo. It was founded on February 2007 under Huancaina Sport Club but later on, it was converted to Sport Huancayo. Its main location is in Huancayo, Junin.

Year 2008 when Sport Huancayo won in the Copa Peru, and a year after it was promoted to the 2009 season for Torneo Descentralizado.

For the 2014 update of Sport Huancayo regarding its performance evaluation, here are the rivals which became a reason in one way or another why Sport Huancayo is currently known. On May 19, Sport Huancayo won one match over Universitario who got zero; on June 9, the team unfortunately got zero which enable Universitario to win the three matches; on June 15, the team won one match against Inti Gas Deportes who won three matches; on June 23, Sport Huancayo, has finally won against Real Garcilaso with the scores 2-1; and on June 30, the team won two matches against Univ San Martin who won four.

Nevertheless, that statistics is only an onset for the career of Sport Huancayo. Firm and goal-oriented, Sport Huancayo players will absolutely smash to the ground its rivals in the upcoming competitions for the month of July. Its rivals will be Juan Aurich, San Simon, Cesar Vallejo, Leon de Huanuco, Aliannza Lima and Union Comercio.

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