Slot Machine Game Review

Jackpot Piñatas Slot Machine Game Review

If you are into modern video slot machine games, you’ve probably ventured into Mystery, Jungle Adventure, and Asian themes which are mostly common nowadays. This time, you will be carried to the hot and colorful Mexico to complete your around-the-world journey via video slot machines. Design and Gameplay You will be delivered to the Mexico to experience the Latin fiesta and drink all the beverages you want and enjoy the

It’s a Mystery Slot Machine Game Review

It’s a Mystery has a mystery solving theme that will put your imagination back to being a Sherlock Holmes (or even Scooby Doo)!Here are some  Slot Machine Game Review. The game has characters trying to both solve and evade the case (for the criminal) with items lying everywhere waiting to become clues. Design and Gameplay with some Slot Machine Game Review The game’s motif is based on a Sherlock Holmes-style scenario

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slot Machine Game Review

This game is part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year in 2009 which was also the year of the Ox in the Chinese calendar. All the characters and items in the game are based on the New Year event that happened on the game’s release year. Design and Gameplay The game has a Chinese New Year theme, specifically on the year of the Ox in the Chinese calendar.

Goblin’s Treasure Slot machine Game Review

Maximize the mythical creatures that dwell in the mysterious forests and barren wastelands to your advantage to win bigger prizes and enjoy the game more in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Goblin’s Treasure is another magnificent game developed by RTG (Real Time Gaming) that would bring you to the mystical places with creatures lurking everywhere. Goblin’s Treasure Slot machine Game Review   The game is goblin-themed with

Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine Game Review

Ever been to Super Bowl for that great experience and enjoyment? If no, better try this football themed slot game that can deliver very good entertainment and adrenaline rush. The only catch, which actually added fun to the game, is that the characters and players are fruits!. Design and Gameplay Fruit Bowl XXV slot game The game has a fruit theme set on a football environment. The symbols are fruit characters

Crazy Vegas Slot Machine Game Review

We’re here to play slot machine casino…in Vegas! Well, just kidding…at least closer to the Vegas experience. This fun video slot machine developed by RTG (Real Time Gaming) will bring (or at least closer) you the Las Vegas environment with all the excitement and fun everyone is craving for. The game has Wild and Scatter symbols plus some bonus feature games that would definitely kill your everyday boredom. Design and