Top Volleyball Players to Be Watched In Rio Olympic 2016

Top Volleyball Players to Be Watched In Rio Olympic 2016

The first match volleyball for Rio Olympic 2016 starts on 20th August, volleyball fans are eagerly waiting to see their favourite teams’ performance.  It may be quite disappointment for Serbia, even though they won the world title, they are not selected for the Rio Olympic. But this time, the competition is very hard to win gold medal, no one can guess who will win gold medal but we can say.

Top Volleyball Players to Be Watched In Rio Olympic 2016

Wallace de souza:

The 29-year-old Brazillian player, who was ruled out in 2015, his back injury force him to miss most of the matches in 2015. Presently he is in good form. This is the second Olympic for De souza, who previously won silver in London Olympic 2012 and he also won silver medal in in 2014 FIVB volleyball federation and he won bronze medal in 2011 FIVB world champion. He is playing for his national team since 2009 and he won gold medal in FIVB world champion 2012 and he also won silver medal in the same competition this year.

Top Volleyball Players to Be Watched In Rio Olympic 2016
Top Volleyball Players to Be Watched In Rio Olympic 2016

Larissa Franca:

The Netherlands women player Larissa had won many titles only Olympic gold medal is missing in her medal gallery. The 34-year-old previously won bronze medal in London Olympics 2012. She performed some dominant performance in this year’s FIVB world tour. This is Larissa’s third Olympics – previously she had attended in 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.

Jordan Larson:

Jordan Larson is an American player, who had won silver medal in London Olympics 2012. Not only that, she has FIVB world champion and world grand prix title, the American government honored her separately. The 29-year-old could easily win gold medal this time, she is the star performer of her team. Previously, she played a lot of games apart from volleyball. And she has been named twice as the All-America first team.

Nataliya Goncharova:

If Russia won in Rio Olympic 2016, definitely the top scorer of the match would be Nataliya. The Russian team depends on her very much. Nataliya was born in Ukrain in 1989. Previously she played for her native Ukrain.   She moved to Moscow in Russia. Her peak performance attracted by the Russian volleyball team. After that, she joined in Russian national volleyball team, she won gold medal at the FIVB world champion and she also won two gold medals in Euro championships in 2013 and 2015.


MaretGrothues is the Switzerland team captain, the 27-year-old from Almelo, is the best server in FIVB world champion 2010.  Maret won silver medals with the Switzerland in 2009 and 2015 Euro championship and she is now looking forward to win gold in Rio Olympics. Recently she played some powerful performance against Korea in a friendly match. She was inspired by watching her country’s men team win gold at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.


Karstalowe is an American star player, she is the attacker of her team and the young player in the star player list. Karsta and her team are focusing on gold medal at Rio Olympics 2016. She had won many international titles and some of the great achievements are: winning gold medal in 2015 FIVB world champion league and also in MVP. The 23-year-old young player has so much of confidence to win gold at the Rio Olympics.

Kerri Walsh Jennings:

Kerri is another American player in that list – she has never lost in Olympic games, she had won three consecutive gold medals but her thirst is the Rio Olympic gold medal, many times she carried her team in her shoulder, this time she is in good form and she will shine this time too in the Rio Olympics.

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