Trade Union vs. Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs. Universidad San Martin

Trade Union vs. Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs. Universidad San Martin

Trade Union holds one of the biggest football clubs in Peru. This union is really supportive to its team, from the sport attire of the players up to its different schedules. Alianza Lima, Juan Aurich, Cienciano, FBC Melgar, Leon de Huanuco, and Sporting Cristal are only some of the rivals of Trade Union team.

As for the athletic achievements of Trade Union team, it can be said that the team has continuously clearing its path towards success. In fact, this is one of the hardest football teams to beat in Peru. Almost half of the Peruvian already gave their bets to Trade Union. After witnessing how good this team is in the field, who else would not take his wave to this team.

So if you are not yet familiar with this team, you got to try to browse the internet the words ‘Trade Union’ for you to know how amazing this team plays. All of its players are very energetic and enthusiastic which left them no reason not to win every tournament they will be participating in.

Trade Union vs. Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs. Universidad San Martin
Trade Union vs. Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs. Universidad San Martin

Trade Union vs. Universidad Cesar Vallejo vs. Universidad San Martin

Trade Union team is definitely an icon in the football industry. That is why it is not surprising why even big people also take their bets to this team. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this team’s success.

Universidad Cesar Vallejo

­Universidad Cesar Vallejo is another ultimate football club in Peru. Its exact location is in Trujillo, Peru. It was on January 6, 1996 when the club was founded. Whilst in 2003, it was promoted to Peruvian First Division through the Copa Peru. By 2007, they became the champion for the Segunda Division and once again, it was promoted to the First Division.

As for the 2014 updates regarding the performance of Universidad Cesar Vallejo, the team had an incomparable performance. On May 18, Cesar Vallejo perfectly won the two matches over UTC Cajamarca who won none; on June 6, the team equally won against Universidad San Martin who both got one match for each team; on June 15, the team completely won for the second time but against Juan Aurich this time, the scores was 2-0; on June 23, it got only one win against San Simon who got two wins; but on June 29, the so-called ‘break’ was really blessed to Cesar Vallejo because the team won the whole three matches against UTC Cajamarca who obviously got nothing to win.

Without a doubt, Universidad Cesar Vallejo has provided evidence for itself. Base from the update above, the team will definitely excel even more.

Universidad San Martin

Representing the Universidad San Martin de Porres which is located in Lima, Peru, Universidad San Martin Football Team came into existence. USMP together with its football team was founded under the Dominican Order which is otherwise connected with the Catholic Church.

Here is the latest update regarding the performance of Universidad San Martin for this year. On May 17, USM won against FBC Melgar with the scores 3-1; on May 22, the team gave way to Alianza Lima with the scores 6-8; on June 7, the team had an equal score with its opponent Universidad Cesar Vallejo with the score 1-1; on June 15, USM had again an equal score with Leon de Huanuco with the score 1-1; on June 22, for the third time the team got an equal score with Alianza Lima with the score 1-1; but on June 29, USM made it against Sport Huancayo with the total scores 4-2.

Universidad San Martin definitely has its pride when it comes to football. With most of its wins above, this football team will surely mount on higher edge.

Once you take your wage with this team, greater chances of winning will land into your hand too. So be ready to win with USM.

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